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Song Title Artist ID
Waitin' In Your Welfare Line Buck Owens 247-08
American Made Oak Ridge Boys 2-56
Elvira Oak Ridge Boys 7-99
Sail Away Oak Ridge Boys 22-24
Tryin' To Love Two Women Oak Ridge Boys, The 254-01
Champagne Supernova Oasis 426-13
Don't Look Back In Anger Oasis 204-09
D'you Know What I Mean Oasis 168-28
Go Let It Out Oasis 226-06
Wonderwall Oasis 85-30
Put Your Hand In The Hand Ocean 21-32
Little Green Apples O. C. Smith 210-15
A Million Miles Away Offspring, The 1-50
Come Out And Play Offspring, The 85-05
Defy You Offspring, The 6-78
Gotta Get Away Offspring, The 226-07
Hit That Offspring, The 11-54
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) Offspring, The 86-20
Self Esteem Offspring, The 85-20
The Kids Aren't Alright Offspring, The 26-21
Why Don't You Get A Job Offspring, The 86-30
Little Talks Of Monsters and Men 285-92
Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Ohio Express 229-30
Fire Ohio Players 434-55
Love Rollercoaster Ohio Players 54-17
Dead Man's Party Oingo Boingo 186-03
Weird Science Oingo Boingo 49-28
For The Love Of Money O'Jays, The 54-08
I Love Music (Part 1) O'Jays, The 148-10
Love Train O'Jays, The 17-49
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